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Factory Supply High Quality Calcium L-Threonate

Amino Acid Series

Factory Supply High Quality Calcium L-Threonate

Product Name: Calcium L-Threonate

Specifications: 98%

Appearance: White or almost white powder

CAS NO.: 70753-61-6

Test Method: HPLC

Process: It is prepared by reacting L-ascorbic acid with calcium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, concentrating and crystallizing.

Sample: Free Sample

Stock: In Stock

Shelf Life: 2Years

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    Product Introduction

    L-threonate is widely found in plants, human gastric acid and uric acid. It is a degradation product of L-ascorbic acid.White particles, almost odorless and tasteless, soluble in water, easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in alcohol, ether and chloroform. The melting point is higher than 330℃ (decomposition), good acid and alkali resistance, strong thermal stability, no change when heated at 120℃ for 20min or 200℃ for 10min.Calcium L-threonate is a synthetic compound used to treat bone disorders. L-threonate is an active metabolite derived from vitamin C and has been found to improve the absorption and utilization of minerals, such as calcium. Calcium L-threonate is a powerful compound that effectively promotes bone formation while inhibiting osteoclast activity.


    Calcium L-threonate can significantly increase the positive expression rate of type I collagen mRNA in chondrocytes and osteoblasts, significantly increase the positive expression rate of chondrocytes in articular cartilage and epiphyseal cartilage, promote the growth of chondrocytes, and increase the amount of bone collagen. , promote bone formation, cartilage matrix production and proteoglycan synthesis, and can also promote the formation of bone nutrition blood vessels and improve bone microcirculation.L-threonate is widely found in plants, human gastric acid and uric acid. It is a degradation product of L-ascorbic acid. Calcium L-threonate can be used as a nutritional fortifier and calcium supplement.
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    Product Feature

    1. High solubility
    A solubility comparison experiment was conducted between calcium threonate and similar products. Calcium threonate has moderate calcium content and significantly better solubility than other similar products. Its solubility increases with the decrease of pH, and it is slightly alkaline. It still has good solubility in neutral and near-neutral environments. The high solubility of calcium threonate over a wide pH range is an important feature associated with high absorption. Temperature has little effect on its solubility, and the solubility is slightly higher at room temperature, so calcium threonate is more suitable as a calcium nutritional fortifier.

    2. High biological absorption and availability. 
    The characteristic of calcium threonate is that the calcium absorbed by the human body has a high absorption rate. In addition, calcium threonate also has high biological availability such as promoting bone formation and reducing bone mass.

    3. Reduce barriers to iron absorption
    Generally speaking, calcium hinders the body's absorption of other minerals, but calcium threonate can reduce the body's obstacle to iron absorption. Deehr et al. studied the effect of calcium on iron absorption in 19 women aged 52 to 72 years. After the subjects consumed a breakfast supplemented with 53 Fe, the subjects consumed a placebo, milk containing 500 mg of calcium, and fresh orange juice containing calcium threonate. The results showed that the order of retention of 53 Fe was placebo (813%) > fresh orange juice combined with calcium threonate (714%) > calcium threonate (610%) > milk (314%), thus confirming Calcium threonate can indeed * block.

    4. Good flavor
    Calcium additives usually give people a bad flavor such as "rough, spicy", but calcium threonate has the characteristics of delicate, soft and good flavor.

    5. Safe and non-toxic
    Calcium threonate is a very safe general food raw material calcium. It is a safe raw material (GRAS) in the United States and can be used in various foods. It has been subjected to acute and toxicological experiments on mice and 90-day feeding experiments on rats. The experimental results prove that Calcium threonate is non-toxic.
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    Product Data Sheets

    Analysis Description Test Method
    Appearance White or almost white powder Visual
    pH 6.4 USP 791
    Identification Positive USP 191
    Specific rotation 13.3° USP781S
    Loss on Drying ≤1.0% USP 731
    Water insoluble ≤0.1% USP 857
    Lead ≤0.5ppm USP251
    As ≤1ppm USP211
    Cd ≤1ppm USP231
    Mercury ≤0.5ppm USP261
    Assay ≥98.0% SOP-ZL-114 A/0

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