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Factory Supply High Quality Pramiracetam Nootropics Raw Material Powder

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Factory Supply High Quality Pramiracetam Nootropics Raw Material Powder

Product Name: Pramiracetam

Appearance: White powder

Test Method: NMR,HPLC

Sample: Free Sample

Stock: In Stock

Shelf Life: 2Years

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    Product Introduction

    Pramiracetam is a compound derived from Racetam. Pramiracetam is chemically similar to the found piracetam, but is believed to be more potent. In order to understand the effects of pramiracetam on cognitive function, we must delve deeper into its mechanism of action. Pramiracetam increases cholinergic activity. This kind of conditioning can improve attention and overall cognitive abilities. It also stimulates the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasurable feelings, thereby helping to improve motivation and concentration. Pramiracetam has been linked to improved concentration and attention span. By stimulating cholinergic receptors, it helps individuals focus on any task for longer.

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    Product Function

    (1) High purity: Fasoracetam can be a high-purity product through natural extraction and refining production processes. High purity means better bioavailability and fewer adverse reactions.

    (2) Safety: Research shows that fasoracetam is generally well tolerated and will not show obvious side effects when used within the recommended dose.

    (3) Stability: Fasoracetam has good stability and can maintain its activity and effect under different environments and storage conditions.

    (4) Easy to absorb: Fasoracetam can be quickly absorbed by the human body and distributed to different tissues and organs.
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    Fasoracetam has emerged as a fascinating compound with the potential to enhance cognitive abilities, particularly attention and learning, and can be used as a dietary supplement. This product acts as a memory enhancer by stimulating metabolic glutamate receptors. In the biological field, fasoracetam is also used as a selective inhibitor to study biological processes such as cell signaling and apoptosis.

    Product Data Sheets

    Testing Items Specifications Results
    Appearance White or off white crystalline powder Conform
    (1)HNMR Conform
    Identification (2)HPLC, retention time shall conforms to WRS. Conform
    Water (removal of crystal
    water) ≤ 1.0% 0.59%
    Residue on ignition ≤ 0.10% 0.06%
    Heavy metal ≤ 10ppm Conform
    Melting point 48~50℃ 48.1~49.4℃
    Assay (HPLC) 98.0- 102.0% 99.57%
    Conclusion Meets in-house specification

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