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Factory Supply Kosher Halal ISO Green Tea  L-Theanine 99% Powder L Theanine


Factory Supply Kosher Halal ISO Green Tea L-Theanine 99% Powder L Theanine

Product Nam: L-Theanine

Appearance: White to yellowwish White crystals or crystalline powder

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Stock: In Stock

Shelf Life: 2 Years

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    Product Introduction

    L-Theanine is an amino acid unique to tea, with the chemical formula C7H14N2O3, which makes up 1%-2% by weight in dry tea.

    Theanine was first isolated from green tea in 1950. It is a characteristic amino acid of tea and one of the flavor substances of tea. It has a strong positive correlation with the quality of green tea, with a correlation coefficient of 0.787 to 0.876.Among the more than 20 kinds of amino acids present in tea, theanine accounts for about 50% to 60% of the total amino acids in tea. Research has found that, in addition to trace amounts of it being detected in plants such as sasanqua, mushrooms, and camellia oleifera, it is also present in other plants. have not yet been discovered.

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    Product Function

    Theanine is a unique amino acid in tea. It has the effects of relieving physical fatigue, protecting nerve cells, and assisting in lowering blood pressure. It acts on people with overwork, Alzheimer's disease, and high blood pressure, and has relatively many benefits for the body.

    1. Relieve physical fatigue: Theanine can activate the inhibitory nerves of the brain, calm the excitatory nerves, improve sleep quality, and relieve physical fatigue. It is suitable for people who are overworked.
    2. Protect nerve cells: It has a certain protective effect on nerve cells, can temporarily inhibit the death of brain cells caused by cerebral ischemia, and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by Alzheimer's disease
    3. Assist in lowering blood pressure: Research shows that theanine has the effect of dilating blood vessels and can lower blood pressure, and is suitable for people with high blood pressure.In addition to the above effects and functions, it also has the effect of improving memory, and is suitable for people with weakened memory.However, you must control the dosage when taking it, and do not take too much to avoid uncomfortable symptoms.
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    01. Improve the taste of beverages. Theanine is the main component of the refreshing taste of tea, and can alleviate the bitterness of caffeine and the bitterness of tea polyphenols. Currently, tea beverages in my country have poor freshness due to limitations in processing technology. Therefore, a certain amount of theanine can be added during the production process of tea beverages, which can significantly improve the quality of tea beverages.Theanine is added to the newly developed "raw tea" beverage developed by Japan's Kirin Company.

    02. Improve food flavor
    Studies have shown that theanine can improve the bitterness of coffee, cocoa, ginseng drinks, grapefruit drinks, beer, reduce the astringency of wine, so it can be used as a flavor modifier for these foods. Moreover, theanine is relatively stable under normal food processing conditions (such as sterilization, pH and heating, etc.), so it has a wide range of applications.

    03. Functional food additives
    Theanine can enhance the intensity of alpha waves in the brain, make people feel relaxed and improve memory, and has been tested in humans. Therefore, functional foods can be developed to relieve nervous tension and improve brain function.

    Product Data Sheets

    Items Limits Test results
    Description White to yellowwish White crystals or crystalline powder Conforms
    Solution clarity Clear and colorless Clear and colorless
    Melting point 202.0~215.0°C 210.8~211.5°C
    Assay 98.0~102.0% 100.3
    Specific Rotation ﹢7.5° -  ﹢8.5° 7.9°
    PH 4.5-6.0 5.4
    Loss on drying ≤1.0% 0. 1
    Residue on ignition ≤0.20% 0. 1
    Chloride ≤0.02% <0.02%
    Sulfate ≤0.02% <0.02%
    Particle size 90% through 0. 18mm mesh Conform
    Heavy metals ≤10ppm <10ppm
    Iron(Fe) ≤30ppm <30ppm
    Arsenic(As) ≤2ppm <2ppm
    Mercury(Hg) ≤0. 1ppm <0. 1ppm
    Cadmium ≤1ppm <1ppm
    Total Plate Count ≤1000CFU/g <1000CFU/g
    Yeast and Molds ≤100 CFU/g <100 CFU/g
    Coliforms Negative Negative
    Salmonella Negative in 25g Conformsconform

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