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Fasoracetam Nootropics Raw Material Powder CAS 110958-19-5 Sample Available Good Price

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Fasoracetam Nootropics Raw Material Powder CAS 110958-19-5 Sample Available Good Price

Product Name: Fasoracetam

Appearance: White powder

Test Method: NMR, HPLC

Sample: Free Sample

Stock: In Stock

Shelf Life: 3Years

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    Product Introduction

    Fasoracetam is a neurological drug that is widely used to improve memory, learning, and attention.

    Fasoracetam is a nootropic compound first developed in Japan. It shares structural similarities with other racemates such as piracetam but exhibits unique action characteristics. By affecting the release and uptake of these neurotransmitters, fasoracetam aids attention, memory consolidation, and information processing. Research and anecdotal evidence suggests that fasoracetam may provide multiple cognitive benefits. One of its main benefits is improving concentration and attention span, making it a potential helper for people with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). Preliminary studies show promising results, demonstrating that fasoracetam improves attention and reduces impulsivity. Additionally, animal studies show that fasoracetam enhances long-term potentiation, a condition associated with memory formation and synaptic plasticity.

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    Product Function

    2. Features
    (1) High purity: Pramiracetam can obtain high-purity products through natural extraction and refining production processes. High purity means better bioavailability and fewer adverse reactions.

    (2) Safety: Praracetam has been proven to be safe for the human body.

    (3) Stability: Pramiracetam has good stability and can maintain its activity and effect under different environments and storage conditions.

    (4) Easy to absorb: Praracetam can be quickly absorbed by the body and distributed to different tissues and organs.
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    Pramiracetam is an effective dietary supplement and a member of the racemic drug family. In addition, pramiracetam is a specific inhibitor of prolyl endopeptidase. Pramiracetam plays an important role in spatial learning and memory and is considered a memory enhancer, more powerful than piracetam. Pramiracetam works by increasing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It also increases the number and connectivity of neurons, promoting neuronal growth and repair. Pramiracetam also increases the brain's metabolic rate, thereby improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

    Product Data Sheets

    Testing Items Specifications Results
    Description White powder White powder
    Identification NMR,HPLC Complies
    Heavy metal ≤10ppm Complies
    Loss on drying ≤1.0% 0.58%
    Purity >99% 99.51%
    Residual solvents
    Ethyl acetate ≤0.5% N.D
    Petroleum ether ≤0.5% N.D
    Packing and Storage
    Packing Pack in two layers plastic-bag.
    Storage Store in a well-closed place with constant low temperature and no direct sun light.
    Shelf life 3 years when properly stored
    Conclusion This product conforms to the specifications.

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