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2024 Shanghai CPHI Concluded Successfully


2024 Shanghai CPHI Concluded Successfully

2024-07-04 00:00:00

The 2024 CPHI came to a successful conclusion, with SOST Biotech demonstrating its latest innovations and products to domestic and foreign customers. This event provided a good platform for the company to set up booths, display samples, and provide on-site explanations, effectively highlighting the company's professional knowledge in the biotechnology industry.


The company's booth was carefully designed to attract attention and create an attractive space for visitors to explore the samples on display. The team is committed to providing on-site explanations to ensure each visitor has a comprehensive understanding of the product and its potential applications.

This event provides SOST Biotech with a valuable opportunity to communicate with domestic and foreign customers. Company representatives proactively engage with attendees, initiating meaningful conversations and building relationships that may lead to future collaborations. By actively engaging with various customers, SOST Biotech has demonstrated its commitment to expanding its presence in the global market.58p66iec