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Wholesales Natural Yohimbin High Quality

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Wholesales Natural Yohimbin High Quality

Product Name: Yohimbe Bark Extract
Specifications: 8.63% 
Appearance: Brown to yellowish brown powder
CAS NO.: 146-48-5
Test Method: HPLC
Extraction Process: Yohimbe bark
Sample: Free Sample
Stock: In Stock
Shelf Life: 2Years

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    Product Introduction

    Yohimbin (English: Yohimbine) is a mild monoamine oxidase inhibitor with aphrodisiac and stimulant efficacy. It is marketed as a medical prescription drug for treating sexual dysfunction. Yohimbine is also an exploratory agent for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in humans and animal models carrying a polymorphism in the α 2A adrenoreceptor gene.
    Yuhimbin is a colorless needle crystal; melting point 241 C, [α] D20 + 50.9 ~ + 62.2 (ethanol) or [α] D20 + 108 (pyridine); soluble in ethanol, chloroform, hot benzene and ether, slightly soluble in water.

    It produces crystalline salts with a variety of acids. The melting point of hydrochloride is 302 C (decomposition), specific rotation [α] D22 + 105 (water); melting point of nitrate is 269~270 C (subsequently cured, remelting at 278 C); melting point of thiocyanate is 233~234 C; melting point of iodithane salt is 249~250 C; melting point of diacetyl derivative is 183 C.

    Yohimbine has local anesthetic effects, increasing the depth and frequency of respiratory movements, relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and veterinary drugs. Its diacetyl derivatives are as effective as free alkaloids but are less toxic.

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    Product Function

    1. Enhance libido and relieve mild erectile dysfunction in men
    By smooth dilating blood vessels to men, to achieve the purpose of excited nerve. Yohimbine can selectively block presynaptic D2 receptors, promote the release of norepinephrine, release more noradrenaline, reduce penile venous reflux Chemicalbook, which is conducive to congestion erection. When a small amount of application, can make the perineal swelling, stimulate the spinal cord erectile center and play the role of treating erectile dysfunction, is the effect in the periphery.

    2. The effect of hot breeze, reducing anger, swelling and poison.
    Yuhenbinine has strong pharmacological effect, small drug dose and small molecular weight. Then it becomes hydrochloride hydrochloride. Its water solubility is greatly improved and easy to pass through the skin cuticle, which is in line with the transdermal treatment body Chemicalbook line. At the same time, Yuhengbin also has the effect of hot wind, reducing anger, swelling and poison. The Dai people in Yunnan have also been used in Guizhou, often for fever, analgesia and snake bite, Guangxi is used for anti-inflammatory, fever and typhoid treatment.

    3. Accelerate the body energy metabolism and increase the energy supply
    Yohimbine selectively blocks presynaptic α 2 receptors and promotes the release of adrenaline from the noradrenal gland. It makes the cavernosal nerve endings release more adrenaline, reduce penile venous reflux, conducive to congestion erection.

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    Product Application

    1.Health care products, dietary supplements.
    Yohimbbin " preparations are sold as complementary foods for enhanced libido, weight loss and bodybuilding.

    2.healing drugs.
    Used in the medical field
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    Product Data Sheets

    Analysis Description     Result
    Identification Positive Positive
    Appearance powder Complies
    Odor Characteristic Characteristic
    Taste Characteristic Characteristic
    Extract Excipient None None
    Particle size 100% through 80 mesh Complies
    Sulphated Ash 5.0% Max 3.71%
    Loss on drying 5.0% Max 3.53%
    Bulk Density 40-60g/100ml 49.5g/100ml
    Heavy metals 10ppm Max Complies
    Pb 1.0ppm Max 0.1ppm Max
    As 1.0ppm Max 0.2ppm Max
    Hg 0.1ppm Max 0.02ppm Max
    Cd 1.0ppm Max 0.1ppm Max
    Pesticide Residues 1.0ppm Max Complies
    Total plate count 1000cfu/g Max Complies
    Yeast & Mold 100cfu/g Max Complies
    E. Coli   Negative Negative
    Salmonella Negative Negative
    Staphylococcus Negative Negative

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