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Factory Supply Best Price Sodium Alignate High Quality Sodium Alignate Powder

Food Additives

Factory Supply Best Price Sodium Alignate High Quality Sodium Alignate Powder

Product Name: Sodium Alignate

Specifications: 99%

Appearance: white powder

CAS NO.: 9005-38-3 

Test Method: HPLC

Sample: Free Sample

Stock: In Stock

Shelf Life: 2Years

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    Product Introduction

    Sodium Alignate powder is a kind of natural polysaccharide which exists in kelp, macroalgae and other brown algae. It is a natural product formed by alginic acid in algae and minerals in seawater, alginic acid is a kind of mixed polysaccharide, which is composed of mannose uronic acid (m) and guloronic acid (g) . Widely used alginate products are sodium alginate, potassium alginate, calcium alginate, ammonium alginate and so on.

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    Product Function

    In food industry, as gelatinizing agent, thickener, deflocculant used in health food such as ice cream, beverage, form food, meat product, jam, etc.
    In daily industry: used as peel mask, thickening stabilizing agent for cosmetic.
    In fodder industry: used as fodder bonding agent, pet food bonding agent, etc..
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    Product Application

    1. Stabilizer 
    Replacing starch and carrageenan, sodium alginate can be used in beverage, dairy products, iced products.

    2. Thickener and emulsion 
    As food additive, sodium alginate mainly used in sala flavoring, pudding jam, tomato ketchup and the canned products.

    3. Hydration 
    Sodium alginate can make noodle, vermicelli and rice noodle more cohesiveness.

    4. Gelling property 
    With this character, sodium alginate can be make into kinds of gel product. It also can be used as a cover for fruit, meat and seaweed products away from air and keep them stored longer.

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    Product Data Sheets

    Analysis Description Test Method
    Appearance white  powder Visual
    Odor Characteristic Organoleptic
    Identification Conform with reference sample Organoleptic
    Mesh Size 100% pass 80 mesh 80mesh screen
    Moisture Content ≤ 1.0% GB5009.3-2016
    Heavy Metals ≤ 10 ppm GB 5009.3
    Arsenic   (As) ≤ 1.5 ppm GB 5009.4
    Lead     (Pb) ≤ 2 ppm GB 5009.11
    Cadmium(Cd) ≤1ppm GB 5009.12
    Mercury  (Hg) ≤1ppm GB 5009.17
    Total Plate Count ≤10000 cfu/g GB 5009.15
    Yeast and Mold ≤100 cfu/g GB 5009.3
    Escherichia Coli < 10cfu/g GB 5009.4
    Salmonella/25g Absent GB 5009.11
    Effective constituent Sodium Alignate≥99% HPLC

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