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ISO Certified Companies Manufacturers High Quality L-Threonine High Concentration

Amino Acid Series

ISO Certified Companies Manufacturers High Quality L-Threonine High Concentration

Product Name: L-Threonine

CAS No.: 72-19-5

Form: Solid

Color: White to off-white

Molecular formula: C4H9NO3

Molecular weight: 119.12

EINECS number: 200-774-1

Melting point: 256 °C (dec.) (lit.)

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    Product Introduction

    Threonine is produced by W. C. Rose isolated and identified it from fibrin hydrolyzate in 1935, and it has been proved to be the last essential amino acid discovered. It is the second or third limiting amino acid in livestock and poultry, and it has extremely important physiological effects in animals. Such as promoting growth, improving immune function, etc.; balancing dietary amino acids to make the amino acid ratio closer to ideal protein, thus reducing the requirements for protein content in livestock and poultry feeds. Lack of threonine can lead to symptoms such as reduced animal feed intake, stunted growth, reduced feed utilization, and suppressed immune function. In recent years, lysine and methionine synthetic products have been widely used in feed. Threonine has gradually become a limiting factor affecting animal production performance. Further research on threonine will help effectively guide livestock and poultry production. Threonine is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by animals but is very needed. It can be used to accurately balance the amino acid composition of feed to meet the needs of animal growth and maintenance, increase weight gain and lean meat rate, and reduce feed-to-meat ratio; it can improve amino acid digestibility It has low nutritional value of feed raw materials and improves the production performance of low-energy feed; it can reduce the crude protein level of feed, improve the utilization rate of feed nitrogen and reduce feed cost; it can be used for the feeding and breeding of pigs, chickens, ducks and high-end aquatic products. L-Threonine is a feed additive produced by using bioengineering principles and using corn starch and other raw materials through liquid deep fermentation and refining. It can adjust the balance of amino acids in the feed, promote growth, improve meat quality, improve the nutritional value of feed ingredients with low amino acid digestibility, and produce low-protein feed, which helps save protein resources, reduce the cost of feed ingredients, and reduce livestock and poultry feces and urine. Nitrogen content in livestock and poultry houses, ammonia concentration and release rate in livestock and poultry houses. It is widely used to add piglet feed, breeding pig feed, broiler feed, shrimp feed and eel feed.

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    Product Function

    Threonine is an important nutritional fortifier that can fortify cereals, pastries, and dairy products. Like tryptophan, it can restore human fatigue and promote growth and development. In medicine, because the structure of threonine contains hydroxyl groups, it has a water-holding effect on human skin. It combines with oligosaccharide chains and plays an important role in protecting cell membranes. It can promote phospholipid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation in the body.
    One of the essential amino acids for the human body, it can be used to improve nutrition and improve physical fitness.
    It is used in biochemical research and in medicine as an amino acid nutritional drug, mainly used to treat anemia.

    Product Application

    Nutritional supplements. Mainly used for seasoning, pharmaceuticals, chicken feed nutritional additives, and also used in the production of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
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