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Welcome to CPHI in Shanghai on June 19-21, 2024


Welcome to CPHI in Shanghai on June 19-21, 2024


CPHI is Asia's leading pharmaceutical event, bringing together industry professionals, suppliers and buyers from around the world.  This annual event provides the pharmaceutical industry with a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and business opportunities.  Focusing on innovation, technology and market trends, CPHI is an event not to be missed by those in the pharmaceutical industry.

In recent years, my country's pharmaceutical industry has grown and developed rapidly.  As the world's second-largest pharmaceutical market, China offers significant opportunities for companies seeking to expand their operations in the region. CPHI is the gateway for international companies to enter the Chinese market and build valuable partnerships with local businesses.

A highlight of CPHI is the exhibition, which showcases a wide range of products and services across the pharmaceutical supply chain.  From raw materials and ingredients to finished dosage forms and packaging, the show covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.  This provides attendees with the opportunity to discover the latest innovations, connect with suppliers and explore potential collaborations.

In addition to exhibitions, CPHI also hosts a series of conferences and seminars covering a variety of topics related to the pharmaceutical industry.  Hosted by industry experts and thought leaders, these sessions provide valuable insights into market trends, regulatory updates and technological advancements.  Attendees can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the pharmaceutical industry in China and beyond.

Networking is an important aspect of CPHI as it brings together professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, build relationships and explore potential business opportunities.  The event provides a conducive networking environment, allowing attendees to network with industry peers, potential partners and key decision-makers.  This networking aspect is invaluable for companies looking to expand their reach and establish a strong presence in the Asian pharmaceutical market.

For international companies looking to enter the Chinese market, CPHI provides a unique platform to gain visibility and exposure.  By participating in the event, companies can showcase their products and services to a target audience, generate leads and build brand awareness.  This is particularly beneficial for companies looking to establish partnerships with local distributors, manufacturers or research institutions.

To sum up, CPHI is the top event in the Asian pharmaceutical industry, providing industry professionals with a comprehensive platform for communication, learning and business.  The event focuses on innovation, technology and market trends, providing valuable opportunities for companies to expand their presence in China and other markets.  Whether you are a supplier, buyer or industry professional, CPHI is an event not to be missed for those who want to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic and rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry.

We will be waiting for you at Shanghai CHPI from June 19th to 21st. See you there!!!